People come together during trying times to offer comfort and support

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As we leave this difficult week behind, we remember the Dallas Police Officers that will not return home to their families.  We also remember the victims of the shootings that have sparked outrage across the country.

Protesters have gathered in marches and rallies to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.  Many of the protests have turned violent leading to the arrest of hundreds over the weekend.

Many communities are putting aside the hatred and showing support for their fellow man and police officers.

Some people showed their support through simple ways, like hugs and donuts.  Others showed support by placing flowers at a memorial in front of the Dallas Police Department.

Right here in North Alabama, peaceful protests were met with support from police officers.

Community members in Huntsville honored the lives lost last week.

This photo sent in by Trinity Hunter shows Police Chief Mark McMurray and another officer posing with two citizens holding signs that read "Cops Lives Matter. American Lives Matter.  We all Matter.  Stand for All or Don't stand at All!!"

NASCAR drivers made a statement by racing with a thin blue line sticker on their vehicles during the Quaker State 400 race this week.

Nascar tribute

Nascar tribute

Beyonce posted this powerful message on Instagram saying "No violence will create peace. Every human life is valuable. We must be the solution."

In the wake of such terrible tragedy, we must pull together and support each other with kindness instead of tearing each other apart with hatred.



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