Madison city councilman candidate talks future needs

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MADISON, Ala. - During Paul Finley's campaign announcement event Saturday, it brought new and long-time supporters. One of the supporters is Greg Shaw, who is running for the Madison City Council, District 4 seat.

He says after seeing the current council struggle for the last four years, it's time for change. "I know Paul is going to communicate with them, he's going to be very open and outward with his thoughts and I know he's got a great strategic plan to move forward with and I think that's what Madison needs right now, is strong leadership," said Shaw.

As far as Shaw's own ideas, there are certain areas he says the council needs to pay attention to. "I think we need more retail development, I think we need to concentrate on that. We have to concentrate on our school system, we can't let our schools implode. We have to put a tremendous amount of effort in growing our schools and making sure their funded properly," said Shaw.

With more retail development, Shaw says that will help keep the tax base within the city limits.

"Right now, unfortunately, everyone lives in Madison but they shop in Huntsville. We have to bring back that tax base back. We have to live here and shop here. So with that potential, it's limitless. But we have to get the retail here inside the city limits of Madison and let people live here and shop here," said Shaw.

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