Chenille plant has long caterpillar-like blooms

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Years ago, you could walk down the street in your neighborhood and see chenille plants on almost every porch during the summer.  Chenille plants are a tropical plant that can thrive throughout the year.  It blooms in the warmer weather of the spring and summer, and is happy living inside through the cold winter months.

Chenille plants will grow to be about 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and as it grows, its blooms get longer.  The flowers are long, red, caterpillar-like blooms that can reach a foot in length.  These plants need a lot of soil, and don't care for the shade, so consider using a large hanging basket to grow them.  Chenille plants are unique with their lush green leaves and long red flower blooms, they'll make a beautiful addition to any landscape.



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