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Think before you post to social media while on vacation

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- If you're headed out for vacation this holiday weekend or over the summer, you might want to think twice before posting about it, or posting when you're out-of-town.

Just about every aspect of our lives makes it to social media, and our trips and vacations are no exception. Police say unfortunately that's an open door for an unwanted opportunity.

"Even if you have your security settings to friends only, that stuff is going to friends and it can be forwarded to other people,  and there are people out there who try to monitor that stuff," Scottsboro Police Lieutenant Erik Dohring says.

If you post that you're going on vacation or post while you're on vacation, someone could use that. "If they can figure out where you live and they know you're going to be gone out-of-town, that's just a perfect opportunity to become a victim," Lt. Dohring says.

Police say to wait until you get home to post about your trip. Don't post about where you are going or when you are leaving. Thieves can take advantage of that, and can break into your home while you're out. "Save it. When you get home, that's the time to share it with all of your friends and other family members," Dohring says.

With all of the sharing, commenting and liking that makes up the intricate world of social media it's easy for information to get into the wrong hands, and it's an easy way to make a good vacation spoiled.