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New retail project in discussion in Albertville

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- Another new retail project is in discussions for the city of Albertville.

GBT Realty Corporation and the city of Albertville partnered to make the Shoppes of Albertville a reality. The retail center boasts recognizable businesses that brings in shoppers from across Marshall County and the surrounding counties. Now there is discussion for another center. "We are partnering with GBT Realty again to create another project, and we don't know yet who those tenants will be," explains Director of Community and Economic Development Melody Whitten, "We are still in the process of recruiting people to the market to see the market, to see the site, but we're excited that project will come to fruition just as the Shoppes of Albertville did."

The discussions for the potential retail development revolve around an eight acre site near the Shoppes of Albertville. "This will be directly on the highway and we're excited about the possibility of that project," Whitten says.

City officials say the hope would be to, like the Shoppes of Albertville, bring in new retailers to the area. "We are striving to recruit retailers that are new to our market so it will be a new center just like the Shoppes of Albertville is," Whitten says.