Ala. State Board of Education to narrow applicants in search for state superintendent, Madison’s Dee Fowler in the running

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Dr. Dee Fowler served as Superintendent of Madison City Schools from 2007-2016. He recently joined the Alabama State Department of Education.

MONTGOMERY – During the next Alabama State Board of Education meeting, the 12 applicants for state superintendent, one of which is Madison City Schools Superintendent Dee Fowler, will be narrowed to a smaller pool.

The board will meet July 14 to narrow the pool of applicants.

In his letter of interest for the position, Fowler said, “Alabama is coming to a crossroads in education. The entire nation is at that crossroads. Education has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 30 combined. Alabama has to stay committed to high expectations and to delivering education to a generation that learns like no generation before them.

” I am pursuing this position because I believe that I have the vision to lead the state. It’s the same vision that allowed me to lead a district of more than 10,000 students to state, regional and national recognition with very meager means. The same vision that allowed our district to be a state leader in lowering the poverty gap in learning. The same vision that allowed a district, with a total budge of more than $100 million, to maintain high expectation and data-proven results through years of proration and budget cuts.”

Alabama Board of Education member Mary Scott Hunter, District 8, said, “Please pray that our Board makes a wise decision, and congratulations to all our fine applicants. I am grateful that so many strong professionals have applied for the position.”

Interviews for state superintendent are expected to take place on August 11.

Florence City Schools Superintendent Janet Womack is also one of the 12 candidates.

You can view all 12 applicants and their qualifications by clicking here.