Marshall County seeing success in animal adoption rates

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. - Marshall County is seeing  success  in the adoption rate of the animals brought in by the county's Animal Control division.

Animals that are brought in by Marshall County Animal Control quickly leave. They're adopted or fostered, so much so that the county hasn't had to put an animal unnecessarily down in months. "So far this year we haven't put down any animals, any dogs," Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said.

Marshall County doesn't have an animal shelter. The animals picked up by Animal Control go to various animal hospitals across the county, and they can only stay for seven days.  After that, they typically were put down, as the county can only pay for that set number of days.

Now though, even in that short window they're finding new homes.

The county's relatively new foster program has been a tremendous help.  Volunteers in the community take in some of the animals until they can find a new home. "We have these pens and dog houses that we move from location to location and that's really saving the county, and saving a lot of animals here in Marshall County," Hutcheson explained.

County leaders commend the county's Animal Control officer and volunteers for the success and hope to keep getting the word out about the dogs and cats that need homes, to keep the success going. "The word is getting out and it's working out well for us," Hutcheson said.

You can visit the Marshall County Animal Control page for more information on how to foster or adopt an animal.