HudsonAlpha presents ‘Genomics 101’ on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - "The world we live in is increasingly shaped by genetics... from healthcare, to food security, where our food comes from, so the folks in Congress that are shaping policy around these issues need a basic background in the content," said Dr. Neil Lamb, Vice President for Educational Outreach at HudsonAlpha.

Dr. Lamb and Dr. Howard Jacob, also of HudsonAlpha went to Washington to speak with U.S. congressional staffers about the importance of genomic science, so when legislators discuss bills on genomics, they'll have an understanding of the science and the potential it has to affect our world.

"Whether that's ethical issues around genomics or research funding... all sorts of issues associated with healthcare and electronic medical records," said Lamb.

Dr. Jacob, executive vice president for genomic medicine at HudsonAlpha, explains how genomic science has the power to transform medicine.

"Today, medicine is reactive.  When you're sick you go see your physician. When you actually have a blueprint of you -- which is your DNA, then your physician may be able to work with you before you get sick. A completely different approach to medicine," said Dr. Jacob.

HudsonAlpha is a world leader in genomic science and its applications to human health. Lamb says the company being invited to speak on Capitol Hill is great for all of us in the Rocket City.

"It's really exciting, both for us at HudsonAlpha and for the community at large. It really shows that this community is seen as genomically literate and a place to go for answers," said Lamb.

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