With over 200 varieties, Japanese Maples give you plenty of options for your garden

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Japanese maples are popular woody plants with more than 200 different varieties on the market for you to choose from.  Here's a look at a few different varieties to help you choose the perfect one for your landscaping.

Beni hime or "red princess" a type of Japanese maple with tiny red foliage with each leaf only being about the size of a dime.  One dwarf variety that looks completely different is called Koto no ito which means "harp strings."  The name comes from its narrow foliage that's about half as wide as a shoe string.  Another dwarf variety called Sharp's pygmy grows to about 4 feet tall and about 6 feet wide.  It has a small green leaf that turns red in the fall.

One other variety of Japanese maple is the Mikawa Yatsubusa and it has a lot of unique characteristics.  The leaves grow in a shingling pattern, which produces one layer of leaves after another.  The leaves grow in clusters from internodes that are very close together on a branch, giving it its full and layered leaf growth.  With these among so many other varieties of Japanese maple, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your yard.

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