Thousands expected in downtown Huntsville over the weekend

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The food truck rallies have been popular events, bringing many people to Downtown Huntsville. (WHNT News 19 File)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – From NASA in the Park to Team Redstone in the Park, to the Pride Parade, this weekend is a big one for downtown Huntsville.

“This is one of the biggest weekends all year long in downtown Huntsville,” said Chad Emerson, Downtown Huntsville Inc., CEO.

Thousands are expected to be downtown for all of the events taking place throughout the weekend. “Well we’re expecting a lot. We’ll probably see over the course of those four days, close to 10,000 people downtown,” Emerson said.

So you can understand why it’s important to have a police presence. “We’re confident HPD has had a great plan for all of the events we’ve done and we defer to their expertise on that.”

HPD says you will see more police out on the streets this weekend, but not because of recent events in other parts of the country, but rather because so many events are happening at once.

For them, they’ve got an operations plan in place, which they tell me is typical for events. They say you should go out and enjoy your weekend.

“The reality is no matter what happens we’re going to have great events that have carefully thought out, everything from parking to public safety and we partner very closely with the leaders in those areas,” said Emerson. “This weekend is going to be a great weekend of celebration.”

The Huntsville Police Department asks that if you see anything unusual, to call or find an officer and report it.



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