Some strong storms possible through Wednesday night

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Summertime storms don’t get the same billing as severe weather threats in the Spring or Fall, but many times the strongest storm you get all year comes in the summer months. We do not expect a major severe weather threat, but some of the storms on Wednesday evening could be a little rough.

The storms we get Wednesday afternoon and evening have the potential for some strong winds, hail, frequent lightning, and locally heavy rain.

Jason 1

The wind is the component that often takes us by surprise this time of year; downbursts are relatively small areas of rain-cooled air that essentially fall out of a thunderstorm creating a blast of strong wind at the surface.  (Downbursts are usually classified as either a “microburst” or “macroburst;” that just refers to the size of the affected area.)

How a microburst works - NOAA

How a microburst works – NOAA

We’ll keep you updated as storms develop tomorrow; until they’re on radar, it’s impossible to know precisely how they will impact a specific area. Don’t cancel your plans. Arm yourself with information:

How to program a NOAA Weather Radio’s Maps & Radar Page
Live Alert 19 and the WHNT News 19 App
Baron Saf-T-Net (phone/text)

Tuesday night’s Facebook Live Stream talking about the storms:

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