Hillsboro has town hall meeting to discuss water issues

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HILLSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) - Leaders of the small town of Hillsboro called in water authority officials once they learned of the contamination.

"I need Mr. Don Sims to address my citizens that's on West Morgan/East Lawrence water, and the questions they ask me, I'm pretty sure he can answer for them," said Mayor Charles Owens.

The water authority leader says he wants to stop the spread of misinformation about a system he says always exceeded health requirements.

"Fourteen days ago, we had one hour's notice that the rules were going to change and we were no longer meeting that health advisory," said water authority general manager Don Sims.

During the meeting, a group from Limestone County and another from Decatur unloaded dozens of cases of water for Hillsboro residents.

Lawrence County commissioners plan to keep that going.

"Our [EMA] person, Johnny, is working with the water co-op and trying to get some free water to the people," said Commissioner Mose Jones. "Some of our citizens in the county are on fixed income and they cannot afford to buy this water and they didn't cause this problem."

Sims explained to the residents that their short- and long-term solutions will restore the water's quality.

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