Special-called Boaz School Board meeting lasts one minute

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BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) – The Boaz City School Board called a special meeting Thursday night, and it certainly was special.

The meeting lacked an agenda for the public but there was an expected vote on the fate of current Superintendent Mark Isley's position.

Currently he is on medical leave and his office is cleaned out. There have been rumors circulating that the board intends to buy out his contract.

Dozens of concerned citizens and parents awaited the special board meeting.

"I'm here in support of Mark Isley and I want to get answers," said concerned parent, Abigail Kline.

Many expressed concerns over the transparency of the board in such a big decision.

"It's been done under the table and we didn't have a chance to fight for him," added Kline.

Once the doors opened only a few dozen people were allowed inside the room. A police officer monitored the number admitted and people waited just outside the closed doors.

WHNT News 19 reporter Molly Mitchell was told there wasn’t room to allow her inside to cover the meeting, but they ultimately let in WHNT and other media asking to go inside.

Once the board walked into the room, board member Rhonda Smith spoke to the crowd. "With our lead agenda item, we have just discovered needs a little bit more attention before we can go into session. So therefore we are canceling tonight's meeting with the intent to reschedule for Monday."

The board then exited the room.

WHNT News 19 spoke to Superintendent Isley’s wife, Belinda Isley.

“Has he been given any notice or any communication as to why this has been brought up?” we asked.

“No ma'am,” replied Belinda. “Mark has not been given any formal communication in writing as to why he's being bought out."

Thursday's meeting was one that left more unanswered questions by the Boaz School Board.

"It would seem to me they were very ill prepared," said Belinda Isley.

This experience has taken its toll on community members at the meeting and the Isley family.

"This is where we wanted to be,” said Belinda through teary eyes.

"What has this been like?" we asked.

"Um, the best experience in the world and the worst," she stated.

Following the meeting, board members declined to comment and left in haste.  Monday's meeting notice should be posted on Friday afternoon.  WHNT News 19 will keep you updated.

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