Driving You Crazy: Residents say Intersection of Hwy 79 and Hwy 72 too dangerous

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Jackson County residents say the intersection of Hwy 72 and 79 has them fearful. They say dozens of wrecks have happened, and they want something done to make the intersection safer before someone gets hurt.

ALDOT will agree, it's not the safest intersection they've got. "It's something we've definitely been looking into," said Seth Burkett, Spokesman for ALDOT.

But Burkett says it goes beyond a four way stop.

"A four way stop would not be an applicable option for a roadway with that volume," said Burkett.

That's because 12,000 cars travel on Hwy 72 every day. But on this roadway, even a traffic light isn't an option.

"As far as a signal, we currently believe placing a signal would actually increase the number of crashes or would potentially increase the number of crashes,” said Burkett.

Instead, they're looking at design changes. "We're looking at options that could either slow down the flow of traffic through the area or remove certain movements from the intersection that we feel like would reduce the number of crashes."

There's no timeline on this project just yet-- but we will follow up with ALDOT in the coming weeks.


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