Beer Can Chicken Rack a ‘Deal’

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I love food. I’m the guy who dips chicken into Rotel’s cheese dip. There is nothing in world that Rotel’s cheese dip won’t make right. But that is a Deal or Dud for another day.

Today, we’re testing the Beer Can Chicken Rack.

If you don’t know, sometime, in a galaxy far far away, some guy had the wherewithal to … well … insert a beer can into a chicken that is ready for cooking. Then he put it on a grill, and took a two hour walk.

It must have worked pretty well for him because it spawned a cottage industry.

You can buy a wide variety of beer can chicken racks at various prices. Ours cost $5.99.

The rack works easy. You put the beer, or beverage of choice, into the middle and slide the chicken over it. Depending on how big the chicken is, the ballpark cooking time is about two hours. Most all the racks come with a recommendation that a meat thermometer be used to make sure the chicken is done. Ours said the chicken is not done until the meat thermometer shows 180 degrees in the thigh.

But we tried it on the grill, and in the oven. Both were fantastic.

We rate the one we tested, the Beer Can Chicken Rack, a Deal. The other models work pretty much identically to the one we tested.




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