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Gulf War Memorial unveiled in Colbert County

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - Memorial Day is set aside to honor our country's veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend the United States of America.

In Colbert County, a new memorial was presented Monday morning to honor two men, who had their lives cut short during Operation Desert Storm.

“It’s always a sacrifice, but it is good to give of yourself for your country. When you have given your life, it is a supreme sacrifice,” stated Vietnam Veteran and Colbert County resident Riley Young.

Wiping away tears, a crowd surrounded the soldier memorial on the lawn of the Colbert County Courthouse on this Memorial Day.

Etched in stone, are dozens of names of men who gave their all during war time.

The latest granite memorial to be unveiled honors the two Colbert County men who died during Operation Desert Storm.

“It’s just great to be memorialized like it is today, especially on Memorial Day,” Young explained. “Most of the time people don’t remember what Memorial Day is about. It is about honoring those who have given their lives for the defense of this country.”

Young still beams with pride when speaking about his nephew, Senior Airman Ramono Poole. He died at the age of 21.

At the time, Air Force officials said he died in his sleep after helping with a surgical procedure on a fellow soldier in Saudi Arabia at a medical hospital.

Senior Airman Poole’s mother was on hand for the presentation.

“I think it is great. I think what everybody is doing is really great, it is remarkable,” Louise Y. Poole said.

In October of 1990, Tuscumbia native Major Barry Keith Henderson died just two days after celebrating his 40th birthday. Service records indicate he died while conducting a training exercise in the United Arab Emirates.

They are two men, who will forever have their names memorialized in Colbert County. Reminding generations to come, of the sacrifice they made.

Colbert County Revenue Commissioner Tommy Oswalt spearheaded efforts to have the memorial erected. He raised more than $4,000 in private funds to have the memorial constructed.