Remember me? How to handle those 90 degree temps this Memorial Day weekend

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The projected heat for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend is not record-setting, but it is the first time the Tennessee Valley will be seeing 90 degree temperatures since early October.

But as folks clamor to get outside, you may need a refresher on how to keep your cool when drinking in this warm weather. In fact, let's start there.

"Drink lots of water," said Dr. Sally Chu.

She is a family medicine physician in the Crestwood Medical Group and she said staying hydrated is key for these hot days. She also recommends taking frequent breaks from the sun, especially for little ones.

"The kids just run like crazy, but make sure they're sprayed down with sunblock and every once in a while pull them into the shade, definitely," said. Dr. Chu. "Because they won't know better and they'll just drop."

Don't forget about the elderly, too.

"The shade helps a lot," she said. "It brings down the temperature five to ten degrees depending on where you are."

Dr. Chu, who is an avid cyclist and runner, also had some tips for those participating in the 37th Annual Cotton Row Run on Monday.

She said not only should you be throwing back some H2O regularly the day before the race, runners should also be chugging some water every 15 to 30 minutes during it.

"Even if you don't stop to drink at the drink stop, you can just stop and get some water and just throw it on yourself," she said. "It helps bring out the heat in your body temperature, cool you off a lot quicker. Some people actually don't sweat a lot."

You also want to dress the part. Dr. Chu recommended breathable clothes and shoes.

If you start to get lightheaded or feel some tingling while you're running, she said to slow down and hydrate.

"That's probably heat exhaustion and then the next thing would be heatstroke, where you just pass out," said Dr. Chu.

Emergency and medical crews will be on standby throughout the race.

For more information on the Cotton Row Run, click here.

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