Looking for a new ground cover? It’s time to try thyme!

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If you’re looking for a ground cover that can fulfill many different uses in your garden you may consider creeping thyme as a good alternative. Now creeping thyme loves the sunshine. It also once established can tolerate quite the drought conditions. I’m sitting beside a greater wooly thyme. And it was just finished flowering, just a few flowers still left on it. So when in flower this particular variety is covered in large pink flowers. But creeping thyme can flower in other colors as well. This creeping thyme is only a few years old. It stays evergreen in the wintertime. It creeps and fills in the area beside me but it also trails over the wall. Creeping thyme will grow in easily four to six inches of loose and well drained soil. It will not grow into wet peat though. So not too much water once established. Now this greater wooly thyme has a nice grey color to it. A little bit of fuzz on the leaf hints the name wooly. Now don’t forget that thyme is an edible herb. So you can get some good flavor from these tiny little leaves. So when your next ground cover project calls for a tough, evergreen, flowering, fragrant, and tasty plant why don’t you make some thyme for time.

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