Great Video: West Morgan teachers bust a move to prank students

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)-- At West Morgan School, there's an understanding about the bond between teachers and students.

"The teachers love to watch the kids laugh... at them," explained Shanon Clinton, the school's media specialist.

A recent viral video out of West Morgan highlights that fun spirit, and is capturing the hearts of north Alabamians.

"I knew our kids would participate and our teachers are good to say yes," she said, commenting that she wasn't surprised the teachers were so willing to go all out. "We've done other videos before, the teachers dance around at pep rallies."

Clinton said the idea came from a school counselor, who had seen a school in Ohio do a similar kind of video. Immediately, Clinton and a team got together to organize it.

The idea was to gather some seniors who have been working hard preparing for graduation and shoot interviews with them about the end of the year. But in the background, teachers busted some serious moves.

Diona Fowler shot the video as students spoke. They didn't suspect the teachers behind them, and in many cases, didn't find out the teachers were ever there until they watched the video at a school assembly.

"I tried to stay focused on the students' eyes and what they were saying," she said, commenting it was hard not to laugh at the time. "I wanted them not to think about what was going on behind them... I would nod and act like I was really listening. It was amazing to me that some of the kids absolutely had no clue."

"It caught me by surprise," said Austin Owens. He appears in the video and actually caught the teachers behind him during filming. "I just had to join in after that."

As far as technique, teachers dished on their dance strategies.

"I didn't practice, because that would have made it even worse," said band director Tim Clinton. "It was great to hear the reaction from everybody, it was really good."

He said it's all about embracing the silly, something the teachers love to do, and having fun at the students' and their own expense. "You can't be shy. You have to get out there and let everything loose," he explained.

Teachers say they don't know if they can "top" this video prank, but they just might try another one next year.