Cameron Swain delivers care packages to the homeless in Huntsville

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Many kids are blessed with great parents that will move heaven and earth to get them everything they need and a lot of what they want. Sometimes, the kids need a little reminder of how fortunate they are. That was the case with one Madison County boy, who turned his lesson on gratitude into a mission to help others.

It's a parent's job to teach their kids right and wrong. A recent lesson for Cameron Swain was about humility.

"I would always want more and more and so they were like, 'Hey! Let's go to the homeless and give out care packages,'" describes Swain. "It's so I would know how thankful I should be."

The third grader got it and the experience of meeting homeless people really resonated with him.

"They make me feel sad and happy at the same time because they are very thankful," says Swain. "I felt sad because I didn't like seeing them out in the tents. I don't really like seeing them like that."

It meant so much to him that Swain started taking things to the homeless camps monthly with his parents.

"We would take out toiletries, some food and water," explains Swain.

Now, his Cub Scout buddies from Pack 228 are helping. They met up at Locust Grove Baptist Church in Madison County to stuff bags full of items that could help those without a home.

"Food, conditioner, toilet paper and stuff like that," says Michael Heller, a fellow Cub Scout.

It's clear to all the boys why they're doing it.

"Because it's the right thing to do," says Heller.

When you see someone living on the street, Swain reminds everyone to try and look with your heart and judgment free.

"Because you never know their story," says Swain.

Swain, along with the other Cub Scouts, prepared twenty bags at the church and delivered them this past weekend to several homeless camps in Huntsville.

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