Morgan County woman struggles to get a marker for her veteran husband’s grave

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PRICEVILLE, ALA. (WHNT) - A Decatur war veteran laid in an unmarked grave for almost a year. His widow tried everything she knew to get his marker placed, but all she got were excuses.

The only thing that marked the final resting place for Sgt. James L. Strickland was a stick, to which his wife had attached a small American flag, and laid some flowers on the ground below it. You’d find it in Burningtree Memorial Gardens below Priceville in Morgan County.

“My husband deserves,” Strickland’s widow Kathleen Douglas would start to say, her voice trailing off.

“He deserves something more than a stick,” said WHNT News 19’s Al Whitaker, finishing her thought.

To which she answered, ”Yeah."

It took months to get the marker plaque from the VA, but it came in. Still, no gravestone at the grave. When Kathleen called the cemetery to see when the marker would be placed, all she got was excuses.

“Rest in peace isn't happening,” she told us.

He's an American Veteran. The least we can do is put a proper marker at his grave. Or so you'd think.