Scattered storms more likely over the next seven days

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Tuesday morning’s rain satisfied a few but frustrated a lot more people who have been waiting patiently for the normal rainfall of Spring. Huntsville and Muscle Shoals both have a fairly substantial deficit for the year so far, and if we don’t start getting some widespread soakings soon, the big ugly “D” word (drought) looks more and more likely.

In fact, odds are against prolonged widespread wet weather if the El Niño Southern Oscillation is a worthwhile guide. Many springs and summers in a transition from an El Niño to a La Niña (like this year) end up hotter and drier than average.

How much rain? The current weather pattern makes it difficult to make plans from farms to school field days to deciding whether or not to leave the windows down at work. The odds are against widespread rain on Wednesday and most of Thursday; however, any one downpour could be very heavy. Live Alert 19 is a great resource to use on days like this. Keep track of the radar, get short-term forecast updates, and lightning alerts on your time scale: Live Alert 19 and the WHNT News 19 App.

So, the prospects of rain vary a lot from county to county and even neighborhood to neighborhood. On the high end (including Tuesday’s rain), a few communities will see up to two inches of rain through Friday morning. On the low end, some communities only get a few tenths of an inch spread over a 60-hour period.

Friday and the weekend: A cold front passes south of the Valley early Friday taking the rainy, stormy weather with it. We dry out and cool down for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Expect highs near 80 degrees on Friday, but it drops to the 70s on Saturday and Sunday with filtered sunshine between patchy areas of clouds.

A better shot at rain soon? The chance of rain goes up again early next week; we have the potential for two clusters of thunderstorms between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon. That could bring some much-needed rainfall to Alabama and Tennessee where minor drought conditions will quickly worsen without some soaking rain soon.

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