Madison County Commissioner Eddie Sisk explains selling equipment in online auction

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – We have an update to a story we first brought you last month.

Madison County District three has officially made $118,720 on equipment sold on

Commissioner Eddie Sisk explained why he put the items up for bid and how it’s a benefit to the district overall.

“This was not due to negligence or just wanting to sell things?” asked WHNT News 19. Commissioner Eddie Sisk replied,” No, no.”

The timing of the auction posts created great speculation within the community.

In the same week Eddie Sisk lost the opportunity to represent district three in the upcoming election, multiple tractors, cutters, a trash truck and trailer were posted to the site. Now the bidding has concluded, the items collectively brought in $118,720.

Sisk explained the condition of the tractors, “They were a year old, they was both a year old with more than 400 hours on it. We got back all our money, same as.”

Sisk says these sales have nothing to do with the election, but rather the result of an effective spray program the district used this past year.

“We would have already been starting on our second cutting,” said Sisk. “And we’ve not even cut the first cutting so far this year.”

The district now has four tractors; two at the New Hope office and two in Brownsboro.  Sisk says the spray program is saving the district both time and resources.

“We will probably make two cuttings a year and it’ll keep us from going about six to seven cuttings,” said Sisk. “So it’ll save us money and time. And we can use employees for other things while we are out there.”

Like trash pickup, which he says picks up in the spring and summer months.

Since taking office, Sisk has purchased six new trash trucks for the district, and he recently sold one that was more than 15 years old on GovDeals.

“We look at all the equipment we’ve got and if it’s not being used, it’s better to get it sold and get it off the insurance. It’ll save us money the county money,” said Sisk.

Since taking office 3 ½ years ago, Sisk has focused on replacing unused and outdated equipment.

“And I’m proud to say that when I leave here it’ll be in better shape than when I came into this office,” explained Sisk.

Sisk says he plans to use money from the sales to help Central Fire build a new fire station and put money back into roads.

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