Family raising money to purchase new horse, after losing two in a fire

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Early Thursday morning, a fire engulfed a family's barn out in Madison. Antiques and farm equipment were destroyed, but more tragically, two award-winning horses didn't make it out alive.

In a pile of ashes and twisted metal, lies cherished memories. Some of the items can be replaced, but not her two quarter horses, Luke and Bert. “It was literally like somebody stabbed me in the heart," says Kristina Broadway. "It’s not just an animal, it’s not just a horse. If you have them so long, that’s literally a family member. It’s like losing a child.”

Kristina has ridden horses since she was in diapers. She owned the two barrel horses for 12 years. They galloped through life with her. “Boyfriends to getting engaged, to getting married," she says.

Even through grief.

Kristina lost her husband in a crash 11 months ago.  “I thought me and him would grow old together… that’s just not how it is," says Kristina.

Through Luke and Bert, she began the healing process.  “It gave me something else to do, somewhere else to put my energy, other than staying at home," she says.

Kristina says she could tell it brought her 3 year old daughter hope too.  “You’d see the biggest smile on her face, she’s like, go faster, go faster!" she says.

Kristina's parents still have two older horses the pair enjoy taking care of, but they aren't spry enough to handle a toddler who will soon be old enough to ride out on her own, so she wants to get one for Rebekah.

“To give her something to do, to look forward to every day. It’s worth more than it’s weight in gold," she says.

Kristina says growing up with a horse, gave her purpose and kept her out of trouble. She wants the same for her child. “Luke took you on your first right out here didn’t he?" asks Kristina. "Yea,” says Rebekah.

Kristina says they need help to be able to get the 3 year old a new horse. If you'd like to help them out, we have a link below for their GoFundMe page.

She hopes to raise the money by July 27th, which is little Rebekah's 4th birthday.

GoFundMe Page:

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