Santolina: a perennial evergreen shrub

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If you're looking for a small shrub to add to your garden, but you don't have time to take care of a plant that needs a lot of maintenance, then Santolina might be the perfect plant for you. Santolina is an evergreen perennial that does not like soil that is too wet. It needs to be planted in an area that drains well, so it's perfect for that spot in your garden that doesn't get a lot of water. Sometimes Santolina is called Lavender Cotton, although it's neither lavender nor cotton. However, it does maintain an evergreen look with a soft, sort of cottony type texture.

After the first year of planting, it typically has a yellow flower. If you don't want it to flower, you can keep it sheared like any other shrub. Or if solid green is not your thing, or if you're looking for something a little unusual, you can plant the grey variety of Santolina. Grey Santolina has the same properties as the green: it needs full sunshine, a dry area, and it's very easy to prune.

Santolina gives off a smell of camphor or mentholatum. You can use clippings of the plant to hang in your closet to keep away moths and other insects.

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