Driving You Crazy: Cars crashing into Mercedes inventory

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Mercedes dealership on Highway 72 in Huntsville says they're having a hard time keeping people off their property. But, it's not all great business. They tell us there have been plenty of wrecks,and near misses, right by their inventory.

When entering the Mercedes dealership after 5, it's a gamble if your car will make it in one piece. "People are waiting to turn left. The inside two lanes stop, and wave people across,” said Byron Steward, Mercedes Sales Manager.

That doesn't sound dangerous, right? Wrong. Consider the third lane that is going at a high rated speed, and doesn't see the car turning.

You can imagine what happens next. Cars hit from all angles, and pushed onto the Mercedes property.

The barriers put in place, didn't stand a chance in this accident. "There have been instances where they have been knocked into our inventory, and other times that injuries have been involved," said Steward.

It’s costing the dealership tens of thousands of dollars. "It's a depreciation of our assets every time that happens," said Steward. "Sometimes it ends up on the car fax, and we take care of it from there.”

Steward says it's a simple fix. Don't wave cars across. And if you want to get into the Mercedes lot: “At that time of the evening, I go down to the light and make a U-turn," said Steward.

A legal turn that will keep you, and everyone else off the grass- and out of the cars. Well, unless you’re test driving them.

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