Funny Video: Ladies try to save snapping turtle from busy road with umbrella

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MADISON, Ala. – If you’ve got a minute, this video is hysterical.  It made me crack up, anyway!

Jodi Conger Valdez posted it to the WHNT News 19 Facebook page on Thursday.  She spotted a woman trying to stop a turtle from crossing a busy road in Madison.  They both soon learned it was a snapping turtle!  Jodi got video while the lady tried to use her umbrella. The turtle wasn’t having it, though.

It’s funny to hear them give each other advice — and to listen to Valdez scream at moments throughout.

A gentleman pulled up to also help.

Valdez writes: “This lady was brave enough to try and save this snapping turtle from crossing Hughes Road at Rush hour… I don’t know who the man is either that came in & saved the turtle!  But that’s totally me screaming!”

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