Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard opens in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard got the green light Friday morning, officially opening with a few words from Mayor Tommy Battle who calls the project monumental for the city.

"This is kind of a landmark that we're going to have now in the city of Huntsville. If you look down this road and look all the way into Big Spring Park, this is going to be the pictures that are taken that say 'this is Huntsville'," said Mayor Battle.

The Boulevard stretches from Governors Drive to Pelham Avenue, making the commute downtown a little smoother and creating a beautiful entrance to downtown.

"Four lanes, decorative lights and great landscaping," explained Mayor Battle.

The Boulevard is not only intended for people commuting by vehicle.

"Each side has a 10-foot multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians," said Mayor Battle.

As for its name, Mayor Battle says it's a tribute to one of Huntsville's greatest African-American leaders.

"Many of you know Dr. Lowery was one of the greatest civil rights leaders, many of you may not know he was born in Huntsville and we're standing in what was once his neighborhood," said Mayor Battle.

Phase two of the $8 million project will end at Williams Avenue in Big Spring Park.  It's scheduled to be finished later this year.

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