Tractors, mowers and other equipment up for grabs after District 3 Commissioner Eddie Sisk declares them excess

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – If you are in the market for some majorly discounted and gently used maintenance equipment, Madison County District 3 has just the thing for you. Commissioner Eddie Sisk is doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of what he calls surplus equipment.

He’s authorized for tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of lawn care equipment to be sold. The timing is questionable, though. The sale comes just three days after Sisk lost to Craig Hill in a runoff election.

Posted to you can find three tractors, a bush ax, and two Bushwhacker mowers.

Sisk was out of the area Thursday, but he spoke with us and called the equipment excess. He says the district has no pressing need for the surplus. In fact, the district is using a herbicide process to treat the area and as a result, the district only needs 4 tractors.

However, County Commissioner-Elect Craig Hill says he is hearing differently from the public.

"[Citizens] just expect the same services to be provided and they were afraid that we wouldn't be able to do that," explained Hill.

Commissioner Sisk says all money from the sales will go back to the roads, but Hill is more concerned the value is in keeping the equipment within the district.

"We need the equipment,” expressed Hill. “And it doesn't make any sense to get rid of it and then turn around and buy it again."

One Kubota tractor up for sale has 481 hours of use, another Kubota has 448 and lastly the New Holland tractor with Alamo 22’ bush ax has 3,822 hours of use.

Those hours of use make these tractors attractive buys for those looking, but ultimately,  "It's the taxpayers' equipment and it's the taxpayers' district that has to be maintained. And they expect their tax money to be used to maintain it," said Hill.

Instead, it's up for grabs to the highest bidder. Commissioner Sisk explained that the selling of the equipment has nothing to do with the recent election results; he intended to sell the excess equipment regardless.

He also explained the district will be selling multiple trash trucks because the district just purchased two additional trucks.

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