Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, but they don’t grow on trees… or do they?

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A man-made gem created by Diamond Foundry (CBS News)

A group of Silicon Valley engineers is trying to outshine a woman’s most coveted object… the diamond.

Diamond Foundry is one of many companies “growing” diamonds. The company claims it can grow diamonds in a lab that are as high-quality as natural gems.

It takes just two weeks for hundreds of diamonds to be grown, weighing up to a carat or more each.

You might be wondering… how are these diamonds exactly made?  The company first starts with a real diamond used as a seed crystal.  Using extremely high heated plasma, they build more atoms onto this seed, layer by layer, until they have a diamond.

All the diamonds are grown in chemical reactors that reach 8,000 degrees Celsius… that’s hotter than the surface of the sun!

By contrast, synthetic diamonds are made in a lab. Man made and synthetic diamonds are almost identical… Even the cost!

Even if the diamonds are coming from the earth  DO NOT expect a bargain. Foundry diamonds cost about 15% less than the real thing.


What are your thoughts?

Would you prefer the real thing… or can you even tell the difference?

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