Alabama House approves marijuana oil bill known as Leni’s Law

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama House of Representatives has voted to decriminalize non-high inducing marijuana oil in a bid to help people coping with debilitating seizures.

House members on Wednesday voted 103-0 for the bill. It now goes to the Alabama Senate.

Cannabidiol, which doesn’t cause a high like marijuana, is being explored as a treatment for seizures. The bill would give people a defense from drug possession charges if they are using the oil to help with seizures.

The legislation is named “Leni’s Law for 4-year-old Leni Young. Her family moved from Alabama to Oregon to get cannabidiol.

Lawmakers previously approved access to the oil through a University of Alabama at Birmingham study. However, some patients, like Young, were unable to get into the study.

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