Huntsville Utilities says routine maintenance is in place to keep utility poles standing, after pole falls on Drake Ave.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -A utility pole on Drake Avenue fell overnight; the pole had apparently rotted out and fallen over.

It’s something Huntsville Utilities says doesn’t happen often. "Every time one of our crews touches a pole, it is inspected," said Gary Whitley, Public Government Affairs Liaison.

Gary Whitley, Public Government Affairs Liaison for Huntsville utilities says safety is top priority, and every pole is on a routine life-cycle maintenance schedule. "We check and monitor those poles through their entire life cycle," said Whitley. "Obviously our wood poles will require a little more attention depending on the age, weather, terrain, where they're located."

When these poles see rain, wind, snow and ice, Whitley says their usual 25 to 50 year lifespan can be cut short.  "Our poles take a beating every single day," said Whitley.

But he says falling poles isn't a common problem they see. "Safety is top priority and we do everything we can to ensure our poles are secure and in place," said Whitley.

If you see a problem with a utility pole, Huntsville Utilities encourages you to give them a call so they can check it out, for a list of numbers you can call, go to