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Craig Hill unseats Commissioner Eddie Sisk in Madison County

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- A triumphant Craig Hill hugged his family Tuesday night at a victory party, taking in the moment he's been waiting for. He prevailed over incumbent Eddie Sisk in Tuesday's runoff election, with no democratic challenger come November. The seat will most likely be his.

"We're so excited. We're extremely excited," he said in an interview after breaking the news to his family and friends.

In a crowded restaurant full of people wearing shirts bearing his name, he said that group is representative of the heartbeat of his campaign.

"I'm so thankful to my family and all my friends who supported this campaign. It's been a hard campaign and we were successful because we had a lot of good people involved," he said. "Our ground game was important. We made a lot of contacts, we made a lot of relationships that paid off today."

"We" is a word Hill tends to use a lot. He owned it Tuesday: "I say we because it's been a we the entire time. It's going to be a commission office that's open and belongs to the people."

He said his next priority would be developing more relationships in the community.

"Making sure we do the maintenance that's expected in our district," he said of his top goals when he gets into office after the November general election.

Madison County election officials were pleased the online reporting method worked without a hitch this time, after technical difficulties last election day. As precinct results came in Tuesday night, they showed up in real time online.

"We've changed the platform. It's working much easier. It's easier for us to use actually," said Frank Barger, Elections Administrator.

He added that he's disappointed of the low turnout, which is typical of runoff elections. But already, the focus shifts to November's general election.

"There's a lot of preparation that goes into November and we've already begun to work in that," he explained.