Governor Bentley’s office won’t release report used to fire Spencer Collier

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT News 19 continues taking action to find out why the former head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) was fired by the governor.

We filed three different official Open Records Requests trying to obtain the report the governor used to justify firing Spencer Collier.

The Attorney General’s Office turned us down quickly.

Now, the Governor’s Office has turned us down as well.

The day after losing his job, Collier started dropping bombshells, not only about the governor’s relationship with a senior political advisor, but also claiming the governor told him to lie to a grand jury in the Mike Hubbard case.

The governor fired Collier with a statement, saying an ALEA report found possible misuse of state funds under Collier.

That report should help answer some important questions for the state of Alabama. Did the governor fire Spencer Collier to try to shed a political liability? Or did Spencer Collier throw up a smokescreen to obscure his own misuse of state funds?

We filed an Open Records Request with ALEA, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Governor’s Office to get the report used to fire Collier.

The Attorney General’s Office quickly told us investigative reports are not public records, denying our request.

Now the Governor’s Office has denied our request as well, saying the request relates to an “ongoing criminal investigation,” so they don’t have to turn over the report.

They say ALEA is the appropriate custodian of the report anyway.

So ALEA is our last hope for transparency in the firing of the secretary of ALEA.

We eagerly await their response.

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