Update: Call to police prompting standoff was a hoax

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala, – Huntsville Police say the 911 call prompting a standoff situation turned out to be a hoax.

Officers received a call at about 9 p.m. for a possible shooting in the 2500 block of Redstone Road. That area is the Glenview Apartment complex. Police say the caller said a man possibly shot his mother.

Police responding to the scene followed normal protocol for this kind of incident. Police say when SWAT members went up to knock on the door of the apartment, the resident inside had no idea what was going on. “At this point, it looks like it may possibly be a swatting type of incident,” said Lt. Stacy Bates. “Someone could have tapped in through his computer games or whatever he may have been playing”.

Police did evacuate residents of the apartment complex when they first responded. Lt. Bates says officers did this as a safeguard.

“It’s not just an inconvenience for us, and it’s not just us taking resources away from the street to put them down here, but it also inconveniences the other residence in the area and the citizens,” said Lt. Bates. While discussing the 911 call and police response he added “we take them all serious regardless how little or how much info we have and it if comes out it’s a hoax then unfortunately it’s a waste of resources but it’s more of an inconvenience for the neighbors”.

Police say investigators will follow up to determine who placed the 911 call. That person could be in trouble with law enforcement for false reporting. Lt. Bates says they could pursue criminal charges if investigators are able to pinpoint where the call came from.