Alabama legislature overrides Gov. Bentley’s veto of General Fund Budget

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — State lawmakers have voted to override Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s veto on the general fund budget over Medicaid funding.

Senators voted 22-10 and the House of Representatives voted 71-24 Tuesday to override Bentley and enact the spending plan against his wishes.

Bentley said the budget does not give adequate funding to the state’s Medicaid program. The governor said Medicaid would have to cut services to “vulnerable” citizens and reduce reimbursement rates to doctors.

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says lawmakers were not in the mood to raises taxes or cut education spending to provide more money to Medicaid.

The governor had sought an additional $85 million for Medicaid.

Bentley has hinted he might call lawmakers back into special session.