360-degree view – State Lawmakers call for Gov. Bentley to step down

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Here is a 360-degree camera view of the April 5 news conference in Montgomery where some state lawmakers announced they will push for Governor Bentley to step down or be impeached.

Rep. Ed Henry, a Republican who represents Cullman, Marshall and Morgan Counties, was joined by Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison County), Rep. Craig Ford (D-Etowah County) and Rep. David Standridge (R-Blount & Marshall Counties).

“This is not about Democrats and Republicans. This is about right and wrong,” said Rep. Craig Ford.  “The only thing we know for sure today is nothing the governor has said is true.  This is not about the governor’s personal conduct. This is about the allegations against him, including that he obstructed justice within the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency.  We believe there is enough probable cause to warrant asking the State Senate to try this case, and if guilty, remove the governor from office.”

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