DIB ISAC helping companies prepare for ever-evolving threats

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - There's an aphorism in the tech world: There are two kinds of companies. Those that have been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked.

Steve Lines sees the truth in that.

Lines is the executive director of the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or DIB ISAC.

DIB ISAC is one of two-dozen centers, each tasked with helping protect a specific, critical area of US infrastructure.

In the case of DIB ISAC, the focus is on small to moderate size companies in the defense field and not just because they often lack the resources of large defense contractors.

These companies are also a frequent target of hackers.

Lines, who formerly worked for a large government contractor, said, "if we were going to announce an acquisition of a smaller company, that smaller company would be infiltrated by nation states within an hour."

As their names imply, the ISACs work through the sharing of information.

The centers collect and analyze information about threats, then pass that information along to their members.

While there may be no way to eradicate all the threats, the information can help companies better prepare.

At its heart, Lines says DIB ISAC is a community. But of course, cyber attacks are not the only threat to this community.

DIB ISAC also focuses on natural hazards and physical security threats. It's a wide umbrella, including everything from tornadoes to terrorists.

In addition to the latest threat information, companies can find help in putting together preparedness plans, coordinating with law enforcement and other resources.

While DIB ISAC is concerned with the defense industrial base, any company leader who wants to learn more about getting involved in the ISAC for his/her sector may contact Steve Lines.

He can be reached at Steve.Lines@dibisac.net or (256) 929-8987.




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