TAKING ACTION: Lincoln Co. family deals with repeated flash flooding

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) - In addition to storm damage, heavy rain caused flash flooding in parts of Lincoln County.  Off of Bugger Hollow Road, one family has had to deal with flooding more than most.

“All these hollows and hills up here, everything converges right there," says Keith Pierce.

On most days, the ditch near their house is dry, but when the rain is heavy, it can become a white water rampage.  "A wall of water comes through, blows out the road, blows trash, it’s a nightmare," says Pierce.  “It was a good ten inches over the road.”

The pictures Keith took Thursday night say it all. His home was surrounded by water. The carpets, inside his house, were soaked. And this isn't even the first time.

“When they start giving flash flood warnings, you start barricading," he says.

A portion of the road, over the culvert, is also crumbling. Pierce says more and more washes away each flood. He believes the solution to both the crumbling asphalt and his flooded home is to build a bridge that can keep the water contained. He's notified Lincoln County officials several times, but keeps getting the same answer.

“You know there’s bad places everywhere, there’s places worse than this one, and so I understand that but this is getting bad,” says Pierce.

Still, his fingers are crossed that something will change.... eventually. “It may not happen while I’m alive but I’d love to see it because it’s really getting old," he says.

Keith says Lincoln County has tried putting in different types of culverts to solve the problem, but none of them are big enough to accommodate that much water coming through.