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North Alabama to get the first ATV Trail at Buck’s Pocket State Park

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Outdoor enthusiasts have something new to get excited about. North Alabama will soon be home to an off-highway vehicle (OHV) trail in Buck's Pocket State Park.  The trail is made possible by a hefty grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

Buck's Pocket is known for camping, hiking and a walk leading out to the breath-taking Rock Point Overlook. While the park is newly unmanned due to budget cuts, the $650,000 OHV trail will hopefully bring more traffic to the location.

"This is a good example of Alabama State Parks' commitment to a professionally managed trail system," explained Alabama State Parks Representative, Ken Thomas.

This will be the only OHV trail in north Alabama. Off-road vehicles are gaining traction for outdoor enthusiasts and that energy will potentially make this park a destination location.

"A destination where people can come not only to ride but they'll be educated and trained in all things OHV,” said Thomas.

Due to the extreme terrain, the engineering and plotting of the trail will take some time.  The trail is expected to include primitive camping areas along the South Sauty Creek.

"It's going to benefit existing user groups that love and stay at Buck's Pocket State Park," said Thomas.

The trail will be a diverse use trail for hikers and bikers as well; the state park system will match 20% of the federal grant.

"At the end of the day everybody is going to benefit from this," added Thomas.

The trail is just now in the planning process. They hope to have it completed within a year and a half and eventually have the park fully operating again.