New Priceville High School approved, students will move this school year

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A new campus is now officially in the clear for Morgan County Schools.

District leaders say class will be in session there before next school year.

This week, the Alabama Building Commission gave the new Priceville High School the green light.

"Which means it's safe to enter and available for us to enter," explained superintendent Bill Hopkins, Jr. "So we're in preparation for getting the students ready to move."

That move, he says, will be in about a month. They are waiting until after spring testing, but with a bit more time left in the school year.

"This is going to give them an opportunity to tighten that up so when August does get here next year, we`ll be able to hit the ground full speed running," said Hopkins.

Superintendent Hopkins says they haven't nailed down a date just yet.

But parents, don't worry. He has a plan to make sure students are fully acclimated before the first class takes place on the new campus.

"We're going to bus [the students] over [to the new campus] and give them a tour during the school day of the facility so they'll be comfortable going in," he said.

He also plans to host a weekend orientation for parents.

The new school stems from overcrowding concerns. In fact, Hopkins said that the Priceville schools were holding classes in former storage closets and gym lobbies. This new campus will free up classroom space.

After the move, all campuses will still be in use.

Priceville HS

New Priceville High

"Starting next year we'll move the 7th and 8th graders at the middle school over to the old high school building," he began. "We'll bring the 5th graders that used to be at the elementary school, they will come over to the middle school."

There were delays in the construction process, but Hopkins wants to assure parents that third-party agencies have come in to double-and triple-check the facility for all safety concerns to be addressed.

"All the places they felt could've caused some issues, they did a design fix and those were corrected," he said.

He hopes to have the students fully moved in by early May.