A buffet of businesses don’t cut the mustard this week!

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Store N Deli at 119 North Cedar Street in Florence: Score of 65

  • Hands not being washed prior to gloving and handling ready to eat food. 48 hour notice given.
  • Eggs coming from unapproved source. 48 hour notice given. Unapproved eggs no longer being sold in the store or in the store for use.
  • Chicken sitting in sink at 66-67 F. 48 hour notice given. Procedures reviewed again.
  • Hand sanitzer on prep table with food and single service use. 48 notice given. All toxic items property stored.

Paradise Food Mart #3 at 2200 Chisholm Road in Florence:  Score of 72

  • No proof of approved course - 120 day notice given. Owner was scheduled for 2/18/16 class when applying for CAT 3 status.
  • Various PHF being held out of temp (chicken sand 121, bologna biscuit 117, hotdog 120) 10 day notice and chart given.
  • Rodent droppings through out the cabinets in the self serve area -10 day notice given.
  • Degreaser stored on shelf with deli wax paper. - 10 day notice given.

Dixie's at 307 West Main Street in Hartselle: Score of 81

  • Broken containers.
  • No food manager safety certification.

Sharxs at 1214 Moulton St. West in Decatur: Score of 81

  • Gyro meat 73F.
  • Personal drink improperly stored.
  • Tobacco products, ash tray, & evidence of smoking in storage room.

Little Caesars Pizza at 100-0 Hwy 31 South in Athens: Score of 82

  • In use plastic bins damaged.
  • Three racks of pre-made pizza were 56 - 61 F. Not using timers.

Frizzle's Restaurant at 210 Jordan Lane in Huntsville: Score of 84

  • Various foods out of temperature during cold holding at 50F.
  • Walk in cooler condenser leaking  on to food.

City Hardware at 105 North Court Street in Florence: Score of 81

  • Walk in cooler holding various PHF/TCS at 46-47 (chicken, chicken salad, ribs, etc), blanched potatoes sitting out at 69-74, procedure has been to leave them out all day, date marking for 8 days-10 day notice and rules reviewed.
  • Dirty dishes stacked with clean -10 day notice.

Rosie's Mexican Cantina at 302 North Court Street in Florence: Score of 82

  • Unapproved bug spray (Raid) being used inside restaurant-10 day notice and rules reviewed regarding  approved poisonous or toxic materials/pesticides in a food establishment.
  • Several dirty dishes found stacked together with clean (ramekins, pans, etc)10 day notice given.
  • dating PHF/RTE for 9 days, also steak in walk in cooler 48-49 F-10 day notice and rules reviewed on proper date markings.

Sweet Basil Café Too LLC  at 118 West Mobile Street in Florence: Score of 82

  • Dishmachine not sanitizing-abated by replacing hose.
  • Personal drink on shelf with unwrapped hinged containers(single service/use)-abated by discarding.

Golden Spoon:

Smoking in the Shoals at 1660 South Wilson Dam Rd in Muscle Shoals: Score of 99

McGee Farm Kitchen at 8211 County Road 7 in Florence: Score of 99

Pig Time BBQ (Mobile Unit) at 11243 South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville: Score of 99

PaPou's at 110 Southside Square in Huntsville: Score of 99