Leadership Huntsville uses students to make positive, community-driven, PSAs

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Leadership Huntsville-Madison County Class 29 is trying to get out a message to the community, but they're using young voices to speak through PSA's.

Students from Sparkman, Bob Jones, and Lee High Schools were each given an issue in the community to highlight.

Those at Bob Jones are working on a topic that’s been highlighted in the national news and they want to change the climate of how people in uniform are perceived.

“A lot of it has been bouncing around ideas, so we get something really solid," said Sierra Anderson, a senior at Bob Jones High School. They’re aiming to show the other side of the badge. "They're often known for speeding tickets and drug busts and stuff like that," said Anderson.

But to these students, they're so much more. “This is one of those issues that is very sensitive. So at first we weren't sure if we'd be able to address it in a positive way," said Jacqui Shipe a member of Leadership Huntsville-Madison County Class 29. "Then we were challenged, who would create these public service announcements?"

To them, it was a no-brainer. Students. “They're thinking out of the box -- they're asking very probing questions," said Shipe. “Developing the scripts, the storyboards, the concepts -- it's just fascinating to watch young people in action." Their hope? To take those negative headlines and show you it's not a direct representation of all those in uniform. “Sometimes we do have to take enforcement actions, but most of what we do is building relationships with the citizens we serve," said Capt. John Stringer of the Madison Police Department. "Police officers are people too. We want to be more than just the job, and we want to be approachable. For people to come to us, talk to us; tell us their concerns, problems, fears."

Changing the climate, starting with our community. "I think the public will appreciate it just as much as we do," said Anderson.

The PSA’s are expected to be complete by April 19. Some of the other topics are schools and community positivity.

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