Alabama Sen. Bill Holtzclaw calls on Gov. Bentley to resign

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)  -- Alabama Sen. Bill Holtzclaw today used his Twitter account to call on Gov. Robert Bentley to resign from office.

Holtzclaw said the governor had compromised his office and that he could no longer effectively lead the state.

The Madison senator said it wasn’t strictly based on the revelations this week by Bentley about inappropriate behavior in a relationship with senior political adviser Rebekah Mason. Holtzclaw said he’s concerned about who is running the state.

Mason was called the de facto Governor by former ALEA director Spencer Collier, who was fired by Bentley this week amid accusations of misuse of state funds. Collier told that Bentley was involved in an affair with Mason.

Other local lawmakers have adopted a wait and see approach regarding Bentley’s future.

Alabama Sen. Arthur Orr said the situation would continue to evolve. He said legislators are off over the next week. Orr expects they will come back to Montgomery with a clear understanding of how their constituents feel about Bentley and whether he should continue in his role as the state’s chief executive.

Orr said Alabama doesn’t have a recall provision in its law, as some states do, but the state constitution does have a provision for impeachment.

Alabama Rep. Mike Ball said public officials should be held to a higher standard.

“When you hold public office, you have a responsibility to those people that elected you to not do things in your personal life to a degree that it would hamper your ability to fulfill your responsibilities," Ball said.

Ball said he and his colleagues would look at state law and decide what needed to be done regarding Bentley’s future.

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