Priceville students create Run, Hide, Fight training video for law enforcement

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PRICEVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - Law enforcement personnel in Morgan County now have an active shooter training video tailored specifically to school situations.

Priceville students made it happen on their high school campus.

Sergeant Mike Cowart of Decatur Police used to handle active shooter training for businesses, but now supervises school resource officers and needed similar tools, but for student and teacher training.

"There were lots out there, training videos about shooters in different workplace situations but they never had one that was perfect for a school setting," explained Kim Morris, who teaches broadcasting.

Priceville and Decatur officers joined Morgan County deputies for the school-wide simulation.

Students acted it out, which was helpful for the officers who usually train with other law enforcement personnel.

"We had people in a situation that didn't know what we were going to do, didn't know what we were going to instruct them to do," explained Sgt. Cowart. "So it was training for us to see how people react to us."

For students, it was much more hands-on than lockdown drills.

"When I got put on the stretcher it was kind of scary because it was like the real thing but it was fun," said 8th grader and pretend victim Addie Dillard.

The video was initially made just for local training, but has gone far beyond Morgan County.

"It's been viewed in almost every country in the world now," said Morris. "They don't even speak English but they're watching our video learning how to stay safe in that situation, so it's a really good feeling."

The police community are proud of the students who helped share the message of safety.

"They're saving lives," said Sgt. Cowart.

You can view the whole video here.

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