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Getting results: City crews fix up softball fields at Showers Center

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Last week we told you about a local softball coach's concerns about the ball fields where his team practices and plays.

The Showers Center softball fields stayed soggy days after a rain.

The batter's boxes, pitcher's mounds and second base areas were small pools, obscuring their purpose.

Lem Vaughn, a Huntsville native who now works on Redstone Arsenal for the University of Alabama in Huntsville, was unsuccessful in trying to get city crews out to clean up the fields.

He wanted enough space and decent conditions so his 8-under team and the three other softball teams in the Lakewood League could practice.

He called WHNT News 19.

We confirmed the fields needed some help and we contacted city officials.

We can report that city crews were on-site Wednesday grading the fields, adding dirt and making significant improvements.

Vaughn said opening day is April 9 and the girls will be ready to play.

Joy McKee, who oversees the City of Huntsville Landscape Division, said they welcome calls when citizens aren't happy.

McKee said the mix of heavy rain this year and warm weather had her crews a bit behind. And they're always busy. They are responsible for 90 baseball and softball fields in Huntsville, 120 football and soccer fields and the city's parks, cemeteries, trees, litter pick-up, Downtown area, and mowing, including mowing around I-565.

Vaughn said it appeared the two sides weren't communicating, but he is pleased with the city's response.