Driving You Crazy: Highway 69 & Union Grove Road

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UNION GROVE, Ala. (WHNT) - There's a petition circulating asking the state to make a Marshall County intersection safer. Residents are asking for a traffic light at the intersection of Union Grove Road and Highway 69.

Lynda Webb says you don't need to sit at the intersection long to see just how dangerous it can be. Drivers pulling out from Union Grove Road onto Highway 69 have to hope their car is fast enough to get up to speed before oncoming traffic reaches them. The problem is limited sight distance in both directions from the intersection.

“You've got a hill and a curve to this side, and you've got a curve on this side. So you can't see traffic coming in either direction,” Webb explains.

It means when drivers think the coast is clear, a car or truck can almost be on top of them by the time they're in the intersection.

“It's just very dangerous to try to pull out from Union Grove Road onto Highway 69 without almost being in an accident,” Webb says. She is convinced the state needs to put a traffic light here, with a warning on each end of it letting motorists know they may have to stop ahead. Webb says she believes that is the only way to stop the carnage at this intersection.

There have been an awful lot of accidents at this intersection over the years. Some of them were quite serious, and a number of them were fatal. Webb began an online petition drive in an effort to convince the Alabama Department of Transportation to put a traffic light at the intersection. If you'd like to sign the petition, go to ipetitions.com.

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