Business Leaders spend morning learning about energy efficient options

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Local business leaders spent the morning learning about different strategies to save money and energy.

"In the next ten years, we will have energy around the house that we never thought of having today," said Bill Cashwell. Like being able to microwave or take a hot shower even when the power is out.

The goal is to use less energy instead of more, on a daily basis, and the rocket city hopes to be at the forefront for energy. "This town has so much military and NASA business, which is good- but we want to be more than just that," said Cashwell.

So they're looking to diversify and are asking for business leaders to join in, to help all of us learn how to be more energy efficient. "Energy is socially important these days- and there's a lot of money behind it, and it's a technology forefront that this town is all about," said Cashwell.

With engineers abound, Huntsville has the potential to be the hub for energy, in a field that's rapidly growing. "Energy is the new internet. The technologies that are about to be developed are so mind boggling and this town is full of such smart people, that I think the future is great," said Cashwell.

The next energy Huntsville meeting is on May 5th. For more information, visit Energy Huntsville at:

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