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The Camellia is a show-stopping flower

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It's always fun to plant something new. A great plant to add to your garden is the Camellia. It grows best in light shade, and it thrives in our southern climate. One of the best known species is the camellia japonica. That means Japanese Camellia. The Japanese Camellia is the state flower of Alabama.

Japanese Camellia come in different varieties and colors. A pink flower, called Spellbound, is one of the most popular around. The leaves on it are dark green and large. The plant will grow to be very large, probably about 12 feet tall.  Camellia are blooming right now, and the big flowers will continue to bloom until all the buds are gone. That will probably happen in another month.

When you plant Camellias, you'll want to dig a wide hole so there's plenty of loose soil around it. Plant it no deeper that it was already growing.

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