Tips for relief during the spring allergy season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Spring is a beautiful season filled with warm weather and blooming flowers. Unfortunately, the things that make spring so beautiful also cause terrible allergies for some people.

The constant sneezing and sniffling can really get the best of people if they are not properly prepared. Especially here in the Tennessee Valley, where we have a very long pollen season.

Dr. Heather James is an allergy specialist and she says that those that have bad spring allergies should start taking medication in mid-February and continue taking the medication until the first freeze, which usually does not happen until early November. But Dr. James says that there are other ways to treat your allergies.

"Besides taking medicine, you can take environmental precautions: keep the windows closed in your house and in your car, and use the air conditioning during the high pollen seasons so that you are not bringing all of that stuff into the house," Dr. James explains. She also advises that if you are outside for a little while, you should shower once you get back in so that you are not constantly breathing in pollen.

"It helps to wear a good filter mask, it usually says '95' on the package, if you are mowing the yard or working in the yard when pollens bother you," Dr. James suggests.

There are also ways that you will get long lasting relief from this madness. "Immunotherapy is the only way to make your allergies go away," Dr. James says. Immunotherapy is a way for your body to take in these allergens in a controlled environment. After about three to five years of this treatment, your body will change it's allergic response to the allergen which will give you lasting relief. There are also oral immunetherpy treatments available for grass and rag weed allergies.

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